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zanskar.org - "yet another cybernautic research centre" - tries to sort out the sites presently available in the net in order to obtain some balanced link collection providing information required for aware and responsible travels in the Himalayan region. You experience results of very private investigations which follow my very own point of view and can be skewed towards my personal interests. Anyway, if you choose to follow the links, please be critical concerning what you will find there. Maybe consulting the ages-old text of Kalama Sutra could be helpful.

zanskar.org has very limited resources for the research and tends to follow the themes concerning Zanskar, Ladakh, Dolpo, as well as Himalaya, Nepal, Tibet and Buddhism, from a humble point of view of a simple trekker. The personal experience of a web author, addiction to the matter and usefulness of the provided information are the decisive factors for picking up a link. The web-technical perfection is definitely not important. And, please, remember that a trekker is an amateur.

Although the links you can find on zanskar.org pages have been handpicked with the greatest care, they are overviewed very, very irregularly. I have absolutely no influence on the web page contents the links lead, and I am not responsible for anything concerning the sites linked from zanskar.org. The responsibility for their contents is the private matter of the owner of these sites. If these links are outdated or lead you to places you would not like to visit, please forgive.

The pages of zanskar.org are hand-made using the basic HTML web technology and Open Source tools. Layout thanks to Tibetan WebHotel.


Completeness and perfection is not pursued by zanskar.org. Just simplicity and openess.

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